Cowrie Shell Fashion Accessories

Most of Accented Glory’s fashion accessory designs incorporate the cowrie (cowry) shell! These shells have African roots and portray a message of respect, honor, and inspiration. The seashell is the first symbol of money and wealth known to mankind. Cowrie shells are also believed to be a gift from the goddess of the water Mami Wata; the most celebrated mermaid like deity from Africa. You too can feel like a goddess when you purchase and rock Accented Glory’s accessory designs!

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Do you need cowrie shell accessories to accent a look?

I Got You! The release of "The Woman King" and "Wankada Forever" are just around the corner. Cowrie shells will be great accents for your movie attire!

Below is my Cowrie Shell Adjustable Headband design. It is created with 12 cowrie shells. The number 12 represent dominion.

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No look is complete without great accessories!

  • I love the feel of my adjustable headband. I am extremely tender headed. This was the best buy I made for my hair in forever.

    - Candace

  • Accented Glory’s variety of hair accessory designs allows me to play with my natural hair styles and it’s personality!

    - Deseré

  • I absolutely love my headband! It is well made and sits perfectly on my head thanks to the adjustable band.

    - Kim

Tonya Cross Accessory Designer of Accented Glory

Accessory Designer

Hi! I'm Tonya Cross the visionary and accessory designer of Accented Glory. My specialty is natural hair accessories and Afrocentric jewelry designs. My hair accessories are created with fabrics and materials that avoids drying out and causing damage to kinky, coily, and curly hair. My jewelry designs have a beach and island vibe. They're a perfect accent for whatever look you want to create!

My signature hair accessory design is the Afro Puff Holder. The afro puff is one of the most common styles worn by women with natural hair. This hair accessory design provides an all-in-one style option for the busy natural who's looking to save time. It'll hold your afro puff in place and accent your hairstyle at the same time!

Making things by hand is therapeutic for me; it gives me so much joy and peace. I believe that positive energy is passed on through each design I create! My designs have been featured on Essence, Martha Stewart Shop, Refinery29, Pretty Pretty Black Girl Short Film, and Eve's Pearls Photo Exhibition.